About the name

I’m lousy at naming things; I’m not ashamed to admit it. So…where did the name come from?

In Canada, the final shot in the production day is known as the “Window Shot”. Legend has it the window shot is the

last shot of the day. One of the happiest things you can hear after a 15-hour day. “O.K. everybody, this is the window shot so let’s concentrate.” Some people say the term arose out of “when do we go?”, but the actual meaning goes back to the early days of filmmaking when everyone on the crew was paid in cash daily. After the last shot was completed they went to the window to get their payment.

A happy thing indeed.

However, as one who has worked a fair bit in post production, I think of the Window Shot as the beginning of a process, rather than the end of one. Post is, to most of the people working on set, a rather nebulous and invisible process. But without it there can be no film.

With the name, I am trying to capture something about that transition from production to post, from the visible to the invisible.


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